World Suicide Prevention Day

As I approached the 10th September 2018 on Siennas first day back at school and also World Suicide Prevention Day, I realise time is so very precious, and while I will continue to raise awareness and funds and help people along the way, I lost focus on myself and Sienna due to my grief from such tragic circumstances.

Today was Sienna’s first day back at School and while world suicide prevention would have been a great day to raise awareness and boost our campaign, I felt I can’t keep taking Sienna moments away because of my grief and wanting to help the world. Sienna is number 1.

This last year has been so hard and lots of moments, over shadowed moments, for me and Sienna. It’s not to say I don’t care but today was Sienna’s first day at school and I had to put her first today. Matthew would want me to make sure the day was about her so that’s what we did. But I thought of many people today.

Use every day to raise awareness just by doing simple things, to be kind, smile walking into the school at the other parents or strangers you pass on the street, be polite to people, simple things that can change someones feelings. A pleasant smile can go so much further.

On the 10th of September I thought of Matthew and the many other families left behind. But I think of him every single day.

Sienna’s first day at school was her big day and she’s here, right here and right now. Time is so precious, so my words to raise awareness come on the 11th September and any other day after that.

Jade xxxxxx

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