Have your voice heard along with Matthews

Mental Health touches every one of us in different ways during our lifetime. For some it will come and go, perhaps without even noticing; for others it will stay for a while until the underlying issues are dealt with; and for others it is part of our make up and can surface at anytime and affect our moods and day to day life. There are so many different factors and the mind deals with things in such a complex way. This makes it all the more difficult for many to understand what is either happening to yourself or to others you may know.

Matthews Voice wants to hear from anyone that wants to have their voices heard and share their stories. Speaking out and being heard is so important. Sharing your story can help yourself and also allows others to relate to what has happened to you. People should not feel alone and in isolation. It is alright to feel down and Mental Health can be so debilitating if not dealt with properly. Talking about your issues is usually the first step to overcoming your fears and dealing with issues that are affecting your Mental Health.

Please email info@matthewsvoice.org.uk